Mastering the Science of Psychoactive Substances

About Molecules

The Molecules course offers a unique transdisciplinary and evidence-based approach to knowledge about psychoactive drugs.

This first-of-its-kind course was developed for professionals in mental health or related fields as well as for students, researchers, and interested individuals.

Through this course, you will learn to integrate knowledge and practices from different disciplines and professions and apply it in real-life situations where an in-depth knowledge of psychoactive substances can have a positive impact on mental health practice, counseling, emergency situations, or safer use.

Details of Course Content

​Molecules was developed by a team of medical doctors and scientists with expertise in various fields, such as neuroscience, psychology, molecular biology, pharmacology, philosophy, and political sciences.​

Together, we created a graduate-level certificate program that provides comprehensive knowledge of drug-related emergencies, neurobiology, and pharmacology of psychoactive drugs, and an extensive overview of psychedelic research and therapy.​

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Join a community of learners

The Molecules program is hosted on the MIND Community platform, where you will get the chance to interact and exchange knowledge with learners and experts from the fields of medicine, therapy, psychology, neurosciences and others.

Knowledge exchange in this community fosters continued education in the fields of psychedelics and to keep abreast with the discovery of new psychedelic molecules, clinical trials, and therapeutic methods.​

Course Navigation

The Molecules program is based on video lessons that are found on an interactive and educational platform and structured into four modules. Each module has 8 units. Each unit is accompanied by a knowledge companion and a quiz to test your knowledge.​

Full Course

Access to all four Modules
Access to 30+ hours of video material
Access to all 32 course booklets
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The Molecules Team

Molecules was developed by a team of specialists with vast expertise in various fields, such as neuroscience, psychology, medicine, molecular biology, pharmacology, philosophy, and political sciences.

Together, they created a graduate-level certificate program that provides comprehensive knowledge of drug-related emergencies, neurobiology and pharmacology of psychoactive drugs, and an extensive overview of psychedelic research and therapy.


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