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You can choose one of three membership types, depending on your professional situation and interests. 

Each of them, and each member in the MIND network, makes a valuable contribution to our mission of making psychedelic therapies a reality, and in developing a framework for the responsible enculturation of psychedelic experience in personal and societal development.

Each membership subscription is active for one year, after which you have the chance to renew your membership.

Discretion and Transparency

Investigating the subject of the psychedelic experience – be it on scientific or on private grounds – remains stigmatized for a number of people. For this reason, all MIND members have full control concerning which part of their identity is disclosed. We will never expose your information to the public. It will be you who chooses your level of visibility: as a discrete and silent member, as an active volunteer or intern, as a staff member, through participating in our online community, or in the form of a full public presence.

The MIND Members Association

Support MIND's mission

The MIND Foundation gGmbH is recognized as a not-for-profit organization. Its multifaceted work would not be possible without donations and membership fees to the MIND Members Association. 

By becoming a part of the MIND Members Association, you help finance the important work the MIND Foundation does. All donations and membership fees collected by the MIND Members Association are transferred to the MIND Foundation gGmbH in support of MIND's projects and mission.

Learn more about MIND's values and mission

The MIND Members Association has members all around the world and powerful ways of facilitating interaction among them. All members have access to exclusive community networks on the MIND Community Platform and can join Professional Sections where they can discuss their research, ideas, and experiences with experts in their respective fields. The expertise and passion of our members are second to none in the field of psychedelic science. You can become a part of this network by joining today! 

Explore the MIND Community Platform

At the core of what we do lies a humanitarian philosophy and the strive to do good for all living beings. The chosen path by MIND revolves around the potential of altered states of consciousness in therapeutic use and human development. An important philosophical concept is that of a Bewusstseinskultur, or in English an ethical culture of consciousness as described by the German philosopher Thomas Metzinger. Building a Bewusstseinskultur begins in the individual person but is only possible through networks, critical discourse, and collective action. 

That is why every supporter in the MIND Members Association helps the MIND Foundation establish a new cultural context that is marked by better health and greater human and natural connectedness. 

Build your own network

Members of the MIND Members Association come from 48 countries worldwide and a wide array of social and professional backgrounds. The perspectives our community encompasses allow us to discuss issues surrounding psychedelic science and therapy, and Bewusstseinskultur from all angles so that we can ask the right questions and find suitable answers. Tap into this network and add your own insights by joining the MIND Members Association. 

While interesting discussions can be had with all our members, it is in the Professional Sections that new research on psychedelic science and new approaches in the field are dealt with most rigorously. If you are a student or have professional experience in the relevant field, you can join one or more of our Professional Sections to partake in these cutting-edge debates. Currently, the following Professional Sections exist: Mental Health, Neuroscience, Arts, 

What's more, our Professional Sections are dynamic, project-based networks. Naturally, the follow periodic cycles of activity, sometimes hibernate, or new Sections are formed. 

If you are interested in starting your own Professional Section, get in touch!

Start your own Professional Section

Since the year 2018, MIND has been building a global network of academic journal clubs that focus on psychedelic and consciousness research: the uniMIND network. Each unique journal club is based in a different country or at a different university. Coordinated by mostly students, these clubs all share an academic interest in altered states of consciousness as well as an interdisciplinary approach.

While an active MIND membership is not a requirement to participate, each membership supports the uniMIND network. 

Are you interested in coordinating a uniMIND journal club? Memberships are required for coordinators, as they become ambassadors of MIND's work and values.

Learn more about uniMIND here

A recent addition to our networks is localMIND. With MIND members spread across 48 countries worldwide, we recognize the importance of supporting local activities. Thus this new network was created to facilitate meetups for MIND members irrespective of where they are based. Among the typical activities in localMIND groups are book clubs for knowledge exchange, integration sharing circles for harm reduction and personal development, as well as social gatherings.

Learn more, join, or create a localMIND group here

Gain access to professional opportunities

There are few academic research articles dealing with psychedelic science that are not immediately picked up and analyzed by some of our members – not least because plenty of members play prominent roles in the field itself. Likewise, our members scrutinize social and economic developments surrounding psychedelics on the various platforms that are part of the MIND Foundation and the MIND Members Association. 

When you become a member of the MIND Members Association, you become a part of a network that is intrinsically interested in these issues and always at the pulse of the times. 

Both the MIND Foundation, academic partners, and the larger scientific network around MIND regularly post ongoing studies on the MIND Community. As a MIND member, you will always stay up to date and receive opportunities to participate in psychedelic studies, be they clinical trials, observational studies, surveys, or others.

Being part of the MIND Foundation network means joining a large ecosystem of mutual support. We regularly post about job offers within and around MIND, in universities, and in the industry. 

And certainly, being a member in a professional association like the MIND Members Association is another positive entry on your CV.

Why should I support the MIND Foundation?

Because your support helps us can change the world. 

As a not-for-profit organization, all funds given to the MIND Foundation directly go our charitable mission of bringing psychedelic-assisted therapies in the mental health system and to build a psychedelic culture of consciousness that is ethical, responsible, sustainable, and modern. Our dedicated staff work with great focus on bringing this mission forward and not only is your financial support through a membership relevant. Your commitment to our mission shows in a membership subscription, which in turn may inspire others in your network to take action. 

More specifically, your membership or donations will help us conduct high-quality scientific research into the risks and potentials of psychedelic experience, it will help us train a new generation of psychedelic therapists to meet the growing need for competent providers. Your support will help us bring high-quality and reliable science communications on altered states of consciousness into the world, and last but not least, you will help us build a new cultural context to implement psychedelics into the human curriculum of learning throughout life.

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