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Transform Lives through Psychedelic Research and Education

At MIND, we firmly believe in the diverse practical applications of psychedelics in therapy and human development. Your support fuels our high-quality research initiatives and evidence-based educational programs, contributing to the promotion of human flourishing in a healthier and more connected world. 

Together, let's catalyze positive transformations.

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MIND Dinners

Six times a year, we host dinners.


Because we believe in harnessing the power of collective action to drive meaningful change in mental health and human development. Our monthly dinner series is a platform for emerging and senior leaders to invest your knowledge, time, and resources. By bringing together drivers of change from the medical, entrepreneurial, politics, and media and arts, we organize dinners that increase the impact of MIND's mission in medicine and society. These dinners are mostly invite-only events, but we welcome your message, should you want to be part of this circle.

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More Ways to Support Us

Become a MIND Member

Join a growing community of like-minded individuals interested in shaping the future of mental health and Bewusstseinskultur, a culture of consciousness.

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Fundraise for our mission

Increase your impact by launching your own MIND Foundation fundraiser!

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Coordinate a knowledge community

Support our mission of bringing psychedelic research to universities worldwide by starting your own uniMIND journal club. 

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OVID Clinic Berlin

For those looking to invest in the future of mental health, OVID Clinic offers a unique opportunity. 

As Europe’s first clinic integrating psychedelic therapies into a guideline-based outpatient and day clinic model, OVID is at the forefront of transformative mental health care. While MIND Foundation focuses on research and education, OVID Clinic, as a commercial entity, translates these breakthroughs into practice. Investing in OVID means supporting pioneering treatments and contributing to a new era of accessible and effective mental health therapies. 

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