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Why become an intern at MIND?

We are always open for interns to help us build and maintain the MIND Foundation’s projects and programs. Working as an intern is meaningful; interns’ work contributes directly to psychedelic research and education and ultimately helps establish safe and legal spaces for the psychedelic experience. Further, interns may be given opportunities to meet important authors, researchers, and therapists from the fields of psychedelic science, consciousness research, neuroscience, prevention and therapy.

Learn from our alumni

We are very grateful for all the interns and volunteers who have supported us in the past. Some of them share their experiences in our “Hall of Fame”. Check them out if you want to learn more.

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Being part of this organization and understanding how it works helped me a lot improving some management and communication skills that will be important for my future work and personal life. Joana M., Portugal

I got to know lots of interesting people with shared interests, and to do valuable networking. This might translate into future collaboration projects, as I begin my career as a researcher in Spain. Óscar S., Spain

I gained insights into current challenges and future directions in the psychedelic field. It also provided valuable insights into the operations and strategies of a rapidly growing organisation. I am grateful to have learned from so many kind, motivated, and bright human beings. Thank you! Annie R., England

I had the possibility to experience the meeting point of social sciences and neuroscience, and I have gained a lot of knowledge about psychedelic research, mainly from the projects I worked on, but also from all the incredible people coming from different backgrounds. Naz A., Turkey

How to become an intern at MIND

Before you apply:

  • All internships take place in the MIND office in Berlin with a minimum of 4 days per week.
  • The internship is unpaid.
  • We are currently not doing remote internships.
  • You will not be able to join the psilocybin-depression study as part of your internship.
  • Please make yourself familiar with our projects before you apply. You can find them in the MIND brochure. 
  • Make sure you have read and understood the Expectation Management document linked below. If it raises questions or concerns, feel free to contact us:
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Application Process:

  1. Fill in your application data in the form linked below.
  2. We evaluate applications monthly. After we evaluate your application, we will get in touch with you to let you know if we’d like to arrange an in-person appointment or online meeting with you.
  3. The internship application process consists of two interviews. The first interview is with the HR-department, to see if there is a general fit with our organization. If there is a fit, you will have a second interview with the director of the department that you could be assigned to.
  4. After this process has been successfully completed, we will arrange the timeline for your internship and outline the projects you will work on.
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Project-based volunteering at MIND

Join us in making a difference! 

At the MIND Foundation, volunteering isn't just about giving your time—it's about being part of a professional movement to transform mental health and society. Whether you're passionate about supporting our Augmented Psychotherapy Training, assisting at our INSIGHT Forum, or helping with blog translations, your contribution matters. Volunteering at our programs is also a great tryout if you're thinking about signing up as a participants. 

With our flexible registration system, you can choose when and how you want to get involved. Ready to join the journey? 

Sign up now and be part of something extraordinary.

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Technicalities of volunteering at MIND

  • Accountability is key: when you sign up, we rely on your commitment to fulfill your volunteer responsibilities.
  • You will let us know the frequency, regularity, and amount of time that you can volunteer. 
  • Signing up means you'll be added to our pool of volunteers, ready to be contacted for specific assignments in our programs.
  • Most volunteering opportunities are located at our MIND office in Berlin, where your presence makes a significant impact.
  • Should you need to step back from volunteering, we kindly ask that you formally sign off to help us manage our resources effectively.

Volunteering is possible for:

  • INSIGHT Forum
  • MIND/OVID Dinners
  • Augmented Psychotherapy Training
  • Blog Translation Group

MIND Alumni

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