Dr. Marvin Däumichen

Director of Network Development | Program Director INSIGHT Forum

Dr. Marvin Däumichen

Marvin Däumichen is a co-founder of the MIND Foundation and currently serves as the Director of Programs in the MIND Executive Board. During the initial phase of MIND, Marvin coordinated the Science Committee and has since overseen the organization’s research collaborations and science communications, and developed several of the MIND programs such as a global journal club network (uniMIND) and the multilingual, interdisciplinary MIND Blog.

His academic background lies in the cultural and social sciences. Marvin holds a Master of Arts in American Studies from the Humboldt University of Berlin, which he earned in 2018 after completing a B.Ed. in Linguistics and Education. He has recently submitted his Ph.D. thesis in sociology and prevention research and is awaiting the review process.

Marvin’s research focuses on socialization within the context of digital media and psychoactive substances. He shares his insights on this subject as a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences, Merseburg and in his work at the MIND Foundation. In addition, Marvin has several years of professional experience in German-English translation work and as a fourth degree black belt in Karate has more than seventeen years of teaching experience in martial arts.

Marvin’s vision is to create a future where patients have access to affordable, compassionate, and effective forms of therapy that promote health and well-being. And in which healthy populations have access to technologies for self-development states of consciousness to build a responsible and sustainable relationship with their social and ecological environments.