APT Faculty

Augmented Psychotherapy Training (APT)


Programm Committee

The APT Program Committee is responsible for the planning, implementation, and ongoing development of the curriculum as defined by the 13 APT Outcomes. The Program Committee is on-site at all intensive trainings in Berlin and facilitates online events such as lectures and reading group presentations. Members of the program committee participate, among other things, as scientists and study therapists in the EPIsoDE Study (testing psilocybin for treatment-resistant depression) funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Another current field of activity is the OVID Clinic, where outpatient psychotherapies are augmented with ketamine and non-pharmacological methods. The OVID Clinic also offers psychedelic integration therapy.

Scientific & Clinical Advisory Board

The APT curriculum is constantly evolving. To monitor and guide this process, APT has its own Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board. This is a panel of independent international experts that periodically reviews the development of the curriculum and makes suggestions for adjustments in accordance with current research and other relevant developments. Most members of the advisory board are also members of the Scientific Advisory Board of the MIND Foundation.

External Lecturers

The inclusion of external experts increases the diversity of theoretical perspectives and practical experience within the APT program. The external lecturers are selected clinicians and researchers in the field of psychedelic research and therapy who regularly give online lectures as part of the APT curriculum or teach on-site during the intensive trainings in Berlin. Most of the external lecturers are long-term cooperation partners of the MIND Foundation.

Meditation Team

Ongoing meditation training is an integral part of the APT curriculum. The skills that are learned and trained in this process are in many ways useful to the practice of psychedelic-augmented psychotherapy.

Breathwork Team

In APT, immersive breathwork is used for participants’ self-experience. It is also taught as a therapeutic method for non-pharmacological induction of psychedelic states. The members of the Breathwork Team are extensively trained in various modalities of immersive breathwork and have years of practical experience.

APT Office

As the organizational heart of the program, the APT Office is responsible for all organizational and administrative processes, communication, and coordination of the different teams. The APT Office is the first point of contact for all matters related to the APT program. Inquiries can be sent to [email protected].