Inna Krylovetska

Events Manager

Inna Krylovetska

Inna Krylovetska is an Event Manager at MIND Foundation in charge of coordination of events at the BOX 78 Exploratorium. 

She is  psychologist from Ukraine, second-year student in the APT course at MIND Foundation and also coordinator of the journal club section at UniMIND Ukraine. 

Inna holds a degree in psychology and has completed a therapeutic course in the somatic-oriented approach. Currently conducts private counseling practice. Inna actively engages in psychological education within the field of psychedelic science, delivering lectures and workshops. She is actively involved in establishing international connections to develop educational programs with MIND for Ukraine.

Inna believes that the collaborative efforts of the MIND team make a significant contribution to the study of psychedelics and committed to ensuring that augmented psychotherapy becomes a safe and effective tool for mental health professionals. Inna hopes to contribute to the development of this field and build the necessary bridges to expand educational opportunities.