Victor Jivanescu, M.Sc.

Director of Sustainability | Integration Facilitator

Victor Jivanescu, M.Sc.

Victor Jivanescu, M.Sc., serves as the Director of Sustainability at the MIND Foundation in Berlin.  An alumnus of Oxford University, where he studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Victor further deepened his understanding of the human mind through studies in Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology at the Alef Trust.

Before his tenure at the MIND Foundation, Victor honed his strategic thinking and analytical skills as a strategy consultant at L.E.K. Consulting, where he tackled complex challenges across various industries.

Victor's entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to social impact were evident in his founding in 2017 of an educational NGO in Romania. This endeavour not only showcased his leadership and organizational skills but also his dedication to fostering educational and societal development. 

Victor has been deeply involved in the field of psychedelic integration and integrative practice. His published research on the transformative effects and integration challenges of psychedelic experiences underscores his expertise and commitment to advancing understanding in this area. Furthermore, he is also one of the lead facilitators for MIND's Beyond Experience and Footsteps integration programs. 

Beyond his professional pursuits, Victor is passionate about mountain hiking, meditation, cold baths, and embodied practices—interests that reflect his integral approach to well-being and sustainability.