Hans Rutrecht, M.Sc.

Psychotherapy Training & Research Fellow

Hans Rutrecht, M.Sc.

Hans M. Rutrecht is a psychologist, lecturer, and facilitator for psychotherapeutic topics and seminars. At the MIND Foundation, he is involved in developing and conducting the APT – Augmented Psychotherapy Training. He also supports the OVID Clinic team as a therapist.

He is trained in Gestalt and systemic work, and is currently training to become a psychodynamic therapist. He also works as a university lecturer for systemic coaching at Hochschule Fresenius (Berlin and Köln) and as a consultant and internal coach for several companies. Furthermore, he conducts-self experience seminars that include altered states of consciousness induced with immersive breathwork.

His research interests include the application of virtual reality methods in psychedelic and consciousness research.