Prof. Dr. Lorenz Boellinger

Psychotherapist | Professor Emeritus of Criminal Law and Criminology at University of Bremen, Germany

Prof. Dr. Lorenz Boellinger

Prof. Dr. Lorenz Böllinger is a professor emeritus in criminal law and criminology at the University of Bremen, Germany, and a psychological therapist and psychoanalyst in private practice, covered by health insurance.

After completing his state examination in law in 1974, he took up the position as professor for criminal law and criminology in 1979, and acquired a degree in psychology in 1982. 

Dr. Böllinger’s research foci include criminal law of violent, sexual, and drug-related crimes and terrorism. Since 1982 he has been actively engaged in legal policy in favour of the legalization and factual regulation of psychotropic substances. Moreover, he has experience in the clinical treatment of people with substance use disorders. 

His current research interest is in the psychedelics-assisted treatment of depression and anxiety.