03 October - 06 October, English


MIND Foundation Office, Boxhagener Str. 78, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Ben Spahr Integration Facilitator
Hans Rutrecht, M.Sc. Psychotherapy Training & Research Fellow

Beyond Experience - October 2024, Berlin

What is Beyond Experience?

Beyond Experience is a transformative 4-day workshop focused on integrating psychedelic insights into daily life. Whether your experience felt beautifully connected or if it was challenging, our course guides you through understanding and embracing those profound moments. We offer a participative group setting, equipping you to integrate your personal journeys and empower others with theirs. Moreover, this workshop is also for you if you are planning to have an experience. Learn more here.

What Can You Expect?

Dive deep into self-exploration, harness tools to further understand and embody your psychedelic experiences. This workshop is about embracing every part of you and aligning it harmoniously, leading to a richer understanding of yourself.

Rooted in the evidence-based methods of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Beyond Experience combines creative expression, body work, guided trances, musical journeys, and mindfulness. Our approach simplifies the complex, making it accessible and welcoming for everyone, whether you’re familiar with psychedelics or just curious about their transformative power.

Workshop Times

The workshop takes place on each of the 4 days from 10am – 6pm.

Location, Accommodation, and Food

Address of the workshop: MIND Office, Boxhagener Str. 78 In den Schreibfederhöfen (Eingang 3), 10245 Berlin

Participants are asked to take care of accommodation themselves.

During the workshop, snacks, water, coffee, and tea are included in the ticket price.


Please fill out the medical form so that possible contraindications regarding the demanding context of the workshop can be checked in advance. This includes psychological conditions such as psychotic episodes or severe PTSD or physical complications such as epilepsy or heart disease. If you have any questions about your suitability for participation, please contact us.

Early Bird discount (100 Euro) for first three tickets: use early_bird2024 code at checkout.

Medical Form

Do you have further questions?

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