June 26, 2024


MIND Foundation Office, Boxhagener Str. 78, 10245 Berlin, Germany


INSIGHT Forum (EN): Embodiment & Well-Being: From Altered States to Interoceptive Connection

What does it mean to spend more time in your body? 

And how can psychedelics, alternative medicine, the arts, and other mind-body-manifesting modalities help us relate more consciously to our internal states, so that we can relate more consciously to other people and the world around us? 

In this INSIGHT forum event, four Berlin-based researchers and practitioners come together to highlight, discuss, and debate the value of embodiment in well-being. 

Beginning with a Transrational exercise to cultivate individual and group interoceptive awareness, the event unfolds as a talk, panel discussion, and Q&A with two artists, one energy worker, and one journalist. 



18:50 Welcome and opening

19:00 Interoceptive connection and movement synchrony exercise

20:00 Intro talk on interoception, psychedelics, mental health; panel discussion on embodiment and well-being; Q&A

21:00 Networking


 Our guests:

Saga Briggs is a freelance journalist and author of How to Change Your Body: The Science of Interoception and Healing Through Connection to Yourself and Others (Synergetic Press, 2023). Her articles on interoception and psychedelics have been published by Scientific American, Aeon+Psyche, and DoubleBlind Magazine. 


IG: @sagamilena 

Alanna Lawley is a multidisciplinary artist whose work uses intuitive drawing as the foundation of her practice. She explores the embodied female experience and where this intersects with health and technology, exploiting playful interactions with her audience. She has exhibited internationally and her recent solo show, Seepage From My Primal Fountain, Marie 10 showroom Jörg Johnen, took place in 2024. 


IG: @alannalawley 

Romana Cottee is a full-time Reiki Master and business coach who provides energy healing treatments in-person and remotely, and has been teaching this modality to others in group and 1:1 settings for six years. Her work centers around energetic perception, the movement of energy inside and outside our physical bodies, and understanding holistic healing through an energetic viewpoint. 


IG: @romana.reiki

i0 xen0 is a researcher whose multidisciplinary artistic practice focuses on how people understand the internal structures and processes in their bodies, including through technologies of voluntary and involuntary bodily surveillance. An upcoming book “How Do We Know What We Know About Hormones?” is in publication with HumDrum Press, and contains practical invitations for individual and collaborative building of body knowledge. 


IG: @xn_ze_ro