Abi Plylar

Operations & Strategy Intern

Abi Plylar

University: Texas Christian University
Academic Degree: B.S. Biology 

I am currently working in Operations & Strategy and assisting with the various workshops and training programs offered here at MIND. 

I became involved in this organization as a way to advance my understanding of the resurging field of psychedelic therapy and to learn about the different paths I can take to pursue a career in this field. I have always been fascinated by the study of the human experience, and it was through my education in biology that I first found a passion for studying the impact of various drugs on our brain and the way we experience life. As I expanded my research in this field, I became enthralled with the science behind consciousness and psychedelic therapy and have felt since compelled to contribute to the integration of this treatment into mental health care. I believe a crucial part of this integration process is educating both the public and professionals about the potential that psychedelics have when used in combination with psychotherapy, and MIND does a wonderful job at using a connected and science-based approach to educate. I am grateful to be contributing to the amazing work at MIND and look forward to furthering my own education.