Marie Apollonia Reinitzhuber

APT Intern

Marie Apollonia Reinitzhuber

University: Hochschule Fresenius

Field of study: Psychology

Degree: certified occupational therapist

My key responsibilities revolved around aiding the APT team. This involved the coordination of organizational and administrative tasks for the APT groups and curriculum. These tasks included the organization and management of applications and the management of participants, as well as the integration of data and materials to the mind community platform. Other tasks consisted of supporting the team with their stand at the DPK and during onsite intensive weeks.

I had been very interested in the field of psychedelic research and been following the work of MIND for a while. It became more and more important to me to not merely be a passive observer of this progress, but to actively engage and further connect myself in this domain. To me, it holds significant relevance for advancing psychiatric methods as well as social and cultural value systems. In my current role, which I carry out alongside my psychology studies, I encounter individuals on a daily basis who are grappling with chronic mental health conditions and have exhausted all avenues for improvement. I believe that expanding research in the realm of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy opens up a completely new field with ample possibilities and I desire to contribute to the destigmatization and growth of psychedelic research.